Havilah Media becomes reseller -integrator for AudioEverywhere

Havilah Media becomes reseller -integrator for AudioEverywhere

HavilahMedia is pleased to announce it has become a reseller and systems integrator for AudioEverywhere assisted listening systems.

Digital Technology = lower cost and easy to scale

Audio Everywhere is scalable and supports from one to dozens of sources. Hundreds of users can access the system simultaneously, and most of them carry their own smartphones, which further increases visitor satisfaction and lowers your costs. You reach a wider audience and create more opportunity for increased engagement.

Digital vs Old-Style Analog Assistive Listening Systems

Old versus new assistive listening systems

How it Works

Audio Everywhere works by sending the audio signals from a pre-amplifier or mixer digitally over standard Wi-Fi to Android or Apple smartphones and tablets. The low-cost ExXtractor replaces the old-style analog transmitters. With multiple Wi-Fi Access Points the system is scalable for virtually any venue.

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