Revelation Song Small Church Backing Track

Revelation Song Small Church Backing Track

This is a small church backing track with a guide track for Revelation Song.
Small Church Backing Tracks are designed for smaller churches that do not have a ton of gear for in-ear monitoring or advanced monitor systems.

Small Church Backing Tracks

My tracks are specifically done with added drum or music cues to let the worship team know when transitions are about to occur.

As a technical director and then a worship pastor in several churches, ranging from 30 members to 2000 members, I have seen all sorts of scenarios arise so these are the tracks I created to work well from either the front of the stage or the tech booth.

While they are mixed in my high quality studio, I then listen to the mix on a normal PA system for the real world environment that is our reality.

Each package includes:

5 Tracks
Master Track with Guide Track
Master Track
Track with Muted Guitar
Track with Muted Piano
Track with Muted Piano and Guitar
Chord Charts
Lyric Sheet

Video packages contain all of the above with a High Definition or Standard Definition Lyrics video ready for your churches presentation software, such as SongShow Plus, MediaShout, Easy Worship, ProPresenter, etc.

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